The purpose of our activity is to give the final touch to your old or new musical project, and bring it to its fullest potential, preserving and enhancing its original characteristics.
We think that retaining the magic and the emotions of the recording and mixing in the studio is much more important than trying to get the maximum electric level of the end product.

Creative Mastering’s main philosophy lies upon a few basic concepts:

ListeningLISTENING: that is analysing the sound material before starting to work on it and paying attention to the indications provided by the people submitting the project (artist, producer, sound engineer) an initial input on their part can help to focus on the project’s basic characteristics.

APPROACH: the approach adopted during the mastering session allows both to correct any shortcomings and to get the best out of the whole project, enhancing the creativity and emotional participation of the people who made the recording and mixing of the original performance.
Our “sound” takes into great consideration this concept, because we think that imposing one's own treatment that conforms every project to the others would destroy the original spirit of the project itself and, even worse, would run the risk of going out of fashion in a few years.

ProcessingPROCESSING: processing at Creative Mastering is characterized by the fundamental rule of not using presets on the machines and, above all, erasing the machines’ settings at the beginning of every new track’s processing phase, in order not to be affected by the previous one. This will inevitably require more time, but it will also produce positive results during the project’s objective analysis.
Our equipment is state-of-the-art and the audio signal is given the minimum possible electronic path and treatment, even if it may happen that all the machines are employed at the same time. Thanks to initial tests we evaluate the possibility to process the material fully digitally or including an analogic processing phase.

VISIBILITY: this concept refers in particular to the final stage of processing, but we already take it into consideration from the very beginning of the mastering session. What we mean by visibility is paying attention to the details without losing an overall view of the project and of the final goal.
While working on an album or a compilation, great attention is given to the track sequence and to the gaps between the songs, in order to give the proper fluidity to the whole project.

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