Here are some tips to keep in mind before coming in for the mastering session:

  • if possible, record your audio material on a high resolution format (24bit - 44.1/48/88.2/96/176,4/192KHz, DSD);
  • if possible, record different versions of the same track and take note of the changes made, such as: high/low voice, high/low solo, etc.
  • if you are not satisfied with solo volume or the volume of other instruments, it is possible to record single audio tracks (bounces) to be processed separately (stem mastering);
  • please bring us both the copy and the original version of the recorded material: while duplicating on DAT, even if digitally, errors and noises may occur; start recording at least after 1 minute of blank tape.
  • never process audio files and, if there is a processor on the master of your mixing session, record another version of the song without the processor: this will give the mastering engineer more room to operate; one may not even imagine the damage some low-quality or badly adjusted processors or plug-ins can do.
  • do not edit on computer the beginning and ending of files but leave them as they were originally recorded;
  • if the track requires fade-out, leave the original track complete till the end. If you wish, create a copy with fade-out as well, this will serve as a reference for the mastering engineer;
  • please always provide all necessary indications about final track sequence, different versions needed and titles included in the recording;
  • in case the format of the recorder/file to master is not listed among those supported by our studio, inform us in advance so that we can get the appropriate equipment;
  • you can bring in one or more reference CDs to be compared with the material to process;
  • please come in providing the complete list of tracks, ISRC codes and catalogue number: these are all essential requirements to be provided, otherwise it will not be possible to complete the mastering session or it will take more time to produce the final master.


  • Analog: 1/4" stereo tape at 19/38/76 cm/sec., 1/2" stereo tape at 19/38/76 cm/s, with or without Dolby A/SR, 24 channel tape on 2” at 38/76 cm/sec.- AES and NAB eq., audio cassette.
  • Digital: HFS/HFS+/FAT32/NTFS Hard-disk, CD-Audio, CD-ROM PC(ISO9660), Mac (HFS/+), UDF, with SDII/AIFF/WAVE/BWF files, 16/24 bit-44.1/48KHz,32KHz DAT, 8-track 16/20 bit 44.1/48KHz ADAT, Minidisc.

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