Audio Mastering

Audio MasteringMastering is that stage of the process between mixing in the recording studio and press (duplication) of the sound material.
At this stage many elements can still be changed by adjusting parameters such as dynamics and equalization, for example in order to make the sound of tracks recorded over a long period of time consistent with one another.
Mastering requires high levels of understanding and determination, which develops into practical experience.
Building on the considerable expertise gained over the years, Creative Mastering is able to provide top-level pre-mastering service for Super Audio CD (SACD), DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD and vinyl.
Specialized equipment for mastering on new high resolution audio formats is constantly updated.

Audio Editing
Audio EditingAs it often happens, one may want to have several versions of the same album or single track for various purposes: radio distribution, compilation album or different releases in different countries; Creative Mastering gives you this possibility, allowing to re-arrange a track or to mix the instrumental version with the voice in different languages.
It is also possible to work on live recordings which require editing or may just need to be re-assembled and mixed with the original atmosphere of the recording, in order to make a marketable project out of it.

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