Audio Restoring

restoringIt is possible to restore sound material from different audio formats such as stereo magnetic tapes and analog multichannel tapes (1/4", 1/2", 2") and digital cassettes (DAT, ADAT), vinyl or shellac records, videotapes VHS/S-VHS, MiniDiscs and CDs.
Restoring is carried out by loading the sound material into digital workstation at the best possible quality using PCM format up to 24bit/192KHz or DSD format at 2.8224MHz. This allows to create a top-resolution acoustic “photograph” of the sound material.
Once the sound has been loaded into the workstation it is possible to make a backup copy of the high resolution audio files for archive storing.
The audio material is now ready for processing: noise will be removed by performing denoise algorithms on digital workstation.
Cleaned audio files will then be revitalized in order to restore what was lost during denoise.
This procedure is therefore divided into three separate stages: digital transfer, in order to stop the damaging effects of time on the old recording; noise removal and revitalization, in order to restore signal.

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