Control room’s acoustic project by Fabrizio Giovannozzi from Studio Sound Service.


 Monitors/Console:^ top ^

 Digital equipment for mastering, denoise and editing:^ top ^

  • Sequoia 11 digital workstation on Projectlead PC-Pro, Lynx AES-16 SRC card, de-noise and mastering valuable suite by: Algorithmix (ScratchFree, NoiseFree, reNOVAtor, Linear Phase PEQ Red, Classic PEQ Blue, Linear Phase Split Compressor); Cube-Tec VPI (DeBuzz, DeClicker, DeClipper, DeCrackler, MultiComp, SpectralDeHiss Expert); NuGen Audio (complete suite); DMG Audio (EQuality-Compassion); Sonoris (Mastering Compressor).
  • SADiE System5 DSD-8 digital workstation with SADIE 6 software to produce cut-master (on AIT1) for Super audio CD (SACD) and CD, provided with the whole suite of CEDAR plug-ins for audio restoring with declick, decracle, dethump and denoise. The workstation works in native DSD at 2,8224MHz (64x44.1KHz) and in PCM up to 24bit/192KHz.
  • Avid ProTools-HD2 digital workstation and ProTools 9 HD software on Macintosh MacPro, equipped with HD I/O DiGITAL interfaces. Avid and third-party algorithms (plug-ins), such as Antares, Audio Ease, Brainworx, Celemony, Cranesong, Elysia, Eiosis, Eventide (Antology II), Flux (Full Pack II, IRCAM Tools), iZotope, Massey (complete), Massemburg-DW, McDSP (Emerald Pack 5), Metric Halo (Channelstrip), Neyrinck (Surround Enc/Dec Dolby Digital e DTS/96-24/ES, ProAudioDSP (DSM), PSP, RNDigital, Serato, Sonic Solutions, Sonnox, Source Elements (Source-Live), SPL, Syncro Atrs, Soundtoys, TC Electronic (MasterX, MD3, BrickWall), Vienna Suite, and Waves (Diamond-API-JJP-C6-MPX Surround Tools 360°) are also part of the equipment.
    The workstations (PC and MAC) are digitally and network connected to transfer audio data from one to the other.
  • Audio measuring and analysis with Spectra-foo Complete software (Metric Halo Labs), Spectre by Audiofile Engineering with 24bit/192Khz Lynx AES-16 SRC card, NuGen Audio Visualizer and VisLM on PC.

 Authoring:^ top ^

  • Magix Sequoia 11, SADiE 6, Steinberg Wavelab 7 (Mac/PC), Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor 3, Waveburner-Pro, Toast 11.

 Analog mastering processors:^ top ^

 Digital mastering processors:^ top ^

  • Weiss EQ-MK2-DYN-LP equalizer, Weiss DNA1 denoiser and ambient processor (the first in Italy), TC Electronic System 6000 MKII universal processor equipped with all the programs for mastering, Massenburg EQ, BrickWall Limiter 2, MD3, MD4, MDX5.1, Tool Box 5.1, Unwrap HD (audio 5.1 extraction from stereo track), stereo and surround reverb, De-esser, digital 8in/8out for stereo and surround mastering; DSP Metric Halo ULN-8 (8 digital I/O) processor.

 Converters:^ top ^

 Outboard:^ top ^

 Digital recorders/players digitali:^ top ^

  • CD/SACD/DVD(A/V) HHB UDP-89 player, Tascam DAT DA45-HR 24bit and Yamaha DTR2, CDP-D11 Sony CD, MDS-E12 Sony MiniDisc, ADAT-XT20 20bit.

 Analog recorders:^ top ^

  • 2-track magnetic analog recorders 1/4" B67, 2-track 1/4" and 1/2" STUDER A80 with Dolby A/SR, 24-track 2" SONY/MCI JH-24.

 FILE-SERVER for the "Online Mastering":^ top ^

  • FTP-Server which allows transfer of audio files using a simple FTPS client (like Filezilla), with the security of SSL and TLS protocols with 256-bit AES key.

 Creative Mastering’s suppliers:^ top ^

^ top ^

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